Would your real estate investing business benefit from managing your properties better? Of course it would!

On today’s show, Kevin and Jim sit down with William Orozco, of New View Realty Group. William shares several powerful tips on filling vacancies, screening tenants, and hiring the right property management company.

You won’t want to miss his tips on how to manage investment properties and why you should include a property management fee, even when you want to self-manage.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Introducing William
  • How to screen tenants to like a pro
  • The right way to do routine inspections 
  • How being bi-lingual can get you more tenants
  • The best marketing channels to fill vacancies
  • How to find a property management company
  • The pros and cons of self-managing vs using a property manager
  • Why you should include property management in your expenses, even if you want to self-manage
  • And SO much more!


Connect with William

How To Manage Investment Properties

Episode 1: William Orozco

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